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Join Backstage with B2T Includes all of the following!

  • Exclusive content several times per month on How to Red Pill and Share the Truth about God and get into deeper topics like DUMBs, AI, Operation Paperclip, aliens, etc. Hear from Rick and other experts like Gene and others.
  • A community of Red Pilled Christian Patriots to share information, pray together, etc. similar to a Facebook group.
  • Join Rick Live 5 minutes before the broadcast on the wide-angle¬†camera with a live view of the studio as we pray for the broadcast. Also, we will discuss things for 5 minutes after the broadcast is ended.
  • If you miss live, no problem, as you can play the recording of the entire show plus the 5 minutes before and after.
  • Search all Rick's videos and Trump Prophesies with Searchie that brings you to the exact minute/Second of any phrase! Search on any term like "Red Pill", "Sharing God", "Gene decode" etc.
  • Your ability to watch and Search phrases WITHOUT YouTube, so if B2T is banned or even shut down temporarily by the Thought Police at YouTube, you won't miss a show!

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