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Live Zoom after each B2T Show!  Q&A on Tue & Wed with key Patriot Guests! Presence-Based Worship on Mon, Thu & Fri with Kent Henry! Join Rick before every show for prayer/setup & watch with a studio view. Recordings available for everything if you can't be live. Use SEARCHIE to research & test Prophesies from Amanda Grace, Julie Green, Mark Taylor and Kim Clement and find key words on B2T Shows! Exclusive Content and Christian Patriot Groups! Become an impactor with other Christian Patriots.  And more...

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Join Rick Backstage 5 minutes before each live In-Studio Show 


Join Rick as he prays for the show 5 minutes before going live. You can watch the live show seeing the studio & Rick's screen including the Online Broadcasting System (OBS) controls. Watch the entire show and join the B2T Members after each show for various activities (Guest Q&As, presence-based worship, small groups, teachings, etc.).


Ability to find the exact minute/second of a keyword/phrase of all B2T shows (Sep.2019 forward and past classics) and research and test prophesies from Julie Green, Amanda Grace, Mark Taylor and Kim Clement. (Search on "pelosi" "Washington DC" "General Flynn", "Operation Mockingbird",  "Amanda Grace", "underground bases", "obama" etc.)



See recording of full shows including the 5 minutes before (with prayer) and activities with the community after most shows.  See the OBS control software and full studio with a wide angle camera view as well as the chat of other B2T Backstage members.

Exclusive Events and Content!

You can join live zoom calls after each Tue & Wed B2T show with awesome Patriot Guests such as Amana Grace, Dave from His Glory, Pastor Greg Locke, Flynns, Mike Lindell and many others! Backstage is more than you might expect - it’s a FAMILY, a loving group of heart-centered, powerfully God-Connected individuals who welcome all newcomers with open arms! Backstage is also a vast library of ALL of Rick's past videos and other decoders information with powerful search tools, notes and exclusive content for you to DIVE DEEPER into topics like AI, Mockingbird Media, Space Program / Wars, Health, Modern Survival Skills and much, much more!  All centralized events are recorded for you in case you miss the live events!

Join Rick, Kent, Key Patriot Guests and the rest of the Backstage Members!

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